Tom Kessler just doesn't get it.

My opponent, Tom Kessler, is attacking my family because we lost our jobs during the last economic recession. My husband and I worked hard to pay our taxes and restore our credit despite years of hard times due to layoffs. I know many families in this same position today due to COVID-19. Tom just doesn't get it.

During the pandemic, Tom's liquor store was considered an “essential business” thanks to the powerful liquor lobbyists. While I was helping families like mine navigate the broken unemployment system during Spirit layoffs and the shutdown, Tom enjoyed record profits.

According to the data, the highest unemployment rates in the whole city are in South Wichita. We work in aviation. We are small business owners. We built this city. Our community deserves someone that understands the ups and downs families go through in this economy to represent us. I have a proven record of standing up to the big money political bosses in Topeka who are attacking me and funding my opponent's campaign, because I work for you.

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