Stephanie Yeager, Kansas House Representative District 96

What I'm about is pretty simple.

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I come from a hard working family right here in the district. I've lived in or around our district for almost 30 years -- raising my family and starting my own small business here.

I want South Wichita to be a place my own kids raise their families, too.  That's why I do what I do.


I believe strongly that it's my job to serve the people of District 96 -- not insiders. I love my community, the people in it and am honored to represent you.

- Rep. Stephanie Yeager


It's a privilege to represent the working people of the 96th! We built this city -- producing some of the hardest working folks across Wichita. We deserve leaders who take pride in that and go to Topeka with a laser focus on our district. To me, it really is this simple. I'm here to work for and represent the 96th.

"I'm proud to be a girl from the South Side. I will continue to fight for my neighbors and always work first for South Wichita."

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